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> [EMAIL PROTECTED] - Wed May 14 19:22:11 2008]:
> New version of the patch for anyone interested:
> changes:
> 1) should now compile for any graphical library (but will still only  
> affect gtk2, all other libraries will draw straight lines.
> If anyone  
> is familiar with xaw,win32,ftwl... and sees merit in the idea
> perhaps they might modify the implementations to suit (it also
> makes a rather easy starting project)
> 2) Cleaned up variables and tweaked some values to improve line  
> continuity.

I tested the patch and it works fine. Only thing that kind of
bothers me is the use of literal tabs ('\t') for formatting
brace line-ups. E.g.

long_function_call_or_declaraion(arg, arg, arg,
\t\t\t\t\t   arg, arg);

which looks very ugly when someone uses a different tab-to-
space conversion rate than your editor. But the freeciv
coding style guidelines don't address this point specifically
so it is not really that important or required.

Now you just have to wait for someone with write access to
notice your patch and like it enough to add it to the
main repository. Although I like it, that's not me
unfortunately. ;)


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