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Hi Björn,

Thanks for your contribution! I will consider it for inclusion in future major 
versions of Freeciv.

Two things:

Currently in Freeciv, the shields are all automatically rendered from the flag 
images, so we cannot currently have different flag and shield images. And even 
if it was technically possible, radically different national flags and shields 
be detrimental to usability since it would be harder for players to recognize 
owner of units.

Did you have a particular reason for choosing the 'Electorate' over say the 
'Dutchy' or 'Kingdom'? Sincerely curios, since I'm not too familiar with German 
history. =)


> On 22/04/2008, Björn Adelberg wrote:
> > Hi,
> >  I have a new nation ruleset. It is based on this nation:
> >  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electorate_of_Saxony
> >
> >  I have taken the description and the flags from wikipedia. The problem
> >  is that the normal flag and shield flag are not the same. But this is
> >  fundamental for this nation.
> >
> >  Can anybody add this nation to the main application?
> >
> >  Thanks
> >
> > Björn

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