Dear Dev(s),
Thank you so much for Freeciv!  While I miss seeing the Colossus's feet when I 
build it, it is a small concession to make for the REAL AI, beautiful graphics, 
and faster gameplay.  This was the quickest and most fun game of Civ I have had 
in a long time.  It is amazing!
Two things came up while I was playing (civ1 ruleset):
1) Catapult/Cannon and city walls - The help file says that only artillery 
ignores city walls.  Thus, I had a set of Veteran cannons that were getting 
destroyed on about a 50/50 basis by fortified, veteran militia behind city 
walls.  As I recall in the real Civ1, catapults were a good weapon even against 
walled cities.  As it is, a fortified phalanx can hold a walled city by itself 
pretty much up until the advent of artillery and aircraft.  Is this the proper 
impementation of city walls in a 1 hitpoint ruleset?
2) I had trouble with "occupied" squares around cities.  If an enemy unit was 
on one of my production squares, obviously I couldn't produce.  However, after 
the unit left, the production square remained red.  I had to occupy it with one 
of my own units to "reclaim" the square, and even then if I left it before 
assigning production to it, it would turn red again.  The problem was worse if 
an enemy city was built inside the production region.  After destroying the 
offending city, I had permanently lost access to that production square.  Is 
this right?

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