Murphy, Daniel wrote:
> Dear Dev(s),
> Thank you so much for Freeciv!  While I miss seeing the Colossus's feet when 
> I build it, it is a small concession to make for the REAL AI, beautiful 
> graphics, and faster gameplay.  This was the quickest and most fun game of 
> Civ I have had in a long time.  It is amazing!
> Two things came up while I was playing (civ1 ruleset):

The civ1 ruleset itself is a bit out of date and could easily have 
mistakes.  To fix these mistakes we need confirmation of the way civ1 
actually worked.  I believe the main source for this generally is the 
civ1 manual.

> 1) Catapult/Cannon and city walls - The help file says that only artillery 
> ignores city walls.  Thus, I had a set of Veteran cannons that were getting 
> destroyed on about a 50/50 basis by fortified, veteran militia behind city 
> walls.  As I recall in the real Civ1, catapults were a good weapon even 
> against walled cities.  As it is, a fortified phalanx can hold a walled city 
> by itself pretty much up until the advent of artillery and aircraft.  Is this 
> the proper impementation of city walls in a 1 hitpoint ruleset?

Well, is that the way it worked in civ1?  If not, how is civ1 different?

> 2) I had trouble with "occupied" squares around cities.  If an enemy unit was 
> on one of my production squares, obviously I couldn't produce.  However, 
> after the unit left, the production square remained red.  I had to occupy it 
> with one of my own units to "reclaim" the square, and even then if I left it 
> before assigning production to it, it would turn red again.  The problem was 
> worse if an enemy city was built inside the production region.  After 
> destroying the offending city, I had permanently lost access to that 
> production square.  Is this right?

That issue is with the core freeciv gameplay, not a civ1-specific issue. 
  From your description it certainly sounds like freeciv isn't doing the 
right thing.  What version are you using?


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