Daniel Markstedt wrote:
> On 6/19/08, Marko Lindqvist <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>>  Many distributions are still not released version (of the
>>  distribution) which uses Freeciv 2.1 (Ubuntu Dapper & Gutsy are both
>>  supported to 2009 and use Freeciv 2.0) My public 2.0 server seems to
>>  be sometimes more used than 2.1 ones. It's over year since 2.0.9 was
>>  released and many crasher bugs and security fixes has been since made
>>  to S2_0 branch.
>>   - ML
> I support this.
> Jason, are there any particular differences in creating a 2.0 release
> as opposed to a 2.1 one?

2.0 should be just the same release system as 2.1.  Making a new 2.0.x 
should be rather easy.  Might be a good idea to give translators the 
opportunity to backport any new translations though (there shouldn't 
really be new strings in 2.0 but trunk or 2.1 may contain expanded 

Honestly I'd even consider a new 1.14 release.  Some people really liked 
the 1.14 gameplay and the branch does contain some bugfixes.


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