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2008/6/26 Jason Dorje Short:
> Marko Lindqvist wrote:
>> 2008/6/25 Jason Dorje Short:
>>> Hm, shouldn't the generated files be put into the build dir? or does
>>> generate_packets already do this?
>>  Yes, they should, but see #8164 for header problems that would cause.
> True!  I remember that discussion.
> But skimming to the end it looks like the conclusion is the whole thing
> could be done just fine, if only we were willing to use <> instead of ""
> for our header includes?

 I think the final solution (so far) in that ticket; separate
directory for generated headers, would be cleaner and more robust
solution. I'll test that for S2_2 / trunk.
 Current ticket is about backporting S2_1 solution to S2_0. IMO if we
start backporting fixes to this, S2_2 solution should be backported to
both S2_1 and S2_0. Workdir for generate_packets.py execution is
builddir, but it generates files to source tree.

 - ML

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