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> [EMAIL PROTECTED] - So 20. Jul 2008, 18:15:03]

> Since there hasn't been done anything here
> for a month I assumed that this would be an
> ideal training ground for newbies. ;)

It was very low on my list of things to do, despite
the always-drawn output being quite an eyesore.
Great that you saved me the trouble of having to
implement this myself.

> I tried to supply an option for the view menu
> in the same manner as all the other options
> have been coded before. However, I don't really
> understand the necessarity for the key_x_toggle()
> wrapper function, when you could just use
> directly the request_toggle_x() function in
> control.c. Yet I still used the same way arround
> for I may be too stupid to understand this. :D

My guess is that one day keys will be configurable
and the key_* functions correspond to bindable

> Also I used the key combo "<ctrl> + t" instead
> of only "t", since all the other view options
> are also using the <ctrl> modifier.
> This patch only works for the GTK client, but
> should be addaptable for other clients.

Not having found any problems with your patch,
I'll commit it after the usual few day wait.


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