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Responding to myself...

Le 17 août 08 à 01:03, François Marlier a écrit :

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> Just a few things though, I have no clue how to define
> set these to "" for now.

Found in 'version.in', I tried setting NETWORK_CAPSTRING_MANDATORY to  
"+2.1g" and OPTIONAL to "" but doing will break 'Start New Game' and  
'Load Game' functionnalities. What should I do?

> Also what is that GGZ network thing? I left them undef, if some of
> you can provide some basic #define values (or hints on places I can
> lurk to get those, Makefile.in maybe?) so I can test that GGZ thing
> with that port, I'm sure it will be a major improvement (is the old
> game tracker dead or? I can't join it).

Is GGZ, GTK only for now or can it be used with SDL?

> Oh, and if I can put right values for NEXT_STABLE_VERSION and
> RELEASE_MONTH or would it be overkill?

Found in 'version.in', so is now fixed.

> cheers,
> Francois
> And... one day I'll have that gettext nls thing working! I
> got rid of the embed gettext 0.17 framework and compiled with
> provided "intl", I also discovered that it needs charset.alias
> directory as LIBDIR... one day...

This broken nsl really annoyed me, I did some progress (I guess).
I generated .mo files with a recursive script using gettetxt 'msgfmt'  
command (basicaly doing a 'msgfmt $datadir/locale/$language_prefix/ 
LC_MESSAGES/freeciv.mo $filename.po'). PACKAGE is defined to  
"freeciv" so I guess
Set the right environment value for LC_MESSAGES (fr_FR.ISO8859-1) on  
my box.
Took correct locale.alias from the X11 install on my box.
Generated charset.alias (though it created only a * UTF-8 line, so I  
changed it to * ISO-8859-1) because OS wide /usr/lib/charset.alias  
was empty (is it safe to leave it empty?).
Put charset.alias and locale.alias in the locale folder and defined  
LIBDIR, LOCALDIR and LOCALE_ALIAS_PATH to "$path_to_data_folder/locale"
Still no go...
Now I'm wondering if 'plural.y' has to be compiled (In case it has to  
be compiled by it's own I already know I have to use bison instead of  
yacc to fix a '%pure_parser' syntax error) or the plural.c (line 20):  
#line 1 "plural.y" is making some kind of inclusion so 'plural.y'  
doesn't have to be marked for compilation?

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