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On Mon, 6 Oct 2008 15:34:55 -0700 Joan Creus wrote:

> This transaction appears to have no content


> I saved a game on 2.2, SVN 15240. Now, when I try to load it, I get four
> popups:
> 1) Detected fatal error in savegame.c line 303:
> 2) Please report this message at http://bugs.freeciv.org
> 3) Unknown ascii value for num: '?' 63
> 2) Please report this message at http://bugs.freeciv.org
> The server exits, too.

base_list (and therefore base_buf) for archers at [39,40] (line 1278)
is "????��x�ſ-�\017\b\214�ſ �\b��". Most of these symbols are illegal.

What are your system/encoding?
Is there a previous savegame that loads normally?

activity_list for same unit is "????". Wonder if this was one more

Phalanx at [45,45] (line 1279) has the same problems. Looks like these
units are the only that have base_list and activity_list differ from '-'.

orders_list and dir_list also look strange.

Error message may be improved. I guess that telling wrong
element/line of savegame might be useful when working with

Thanks, evyscr

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