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Relaying a bug report posted to freeciv-dev:

[Julian Marchant <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> - Wed, 15 Oct 2008 19:24:28 
> I have encountered the same bug in the stable 2.1
> version. I have attached a screenshot so you can see what
> it looked like (mostly for the error message).
> It happened, as you may notice from the screenshot, when I
> invaded a city with a marine, when the city was popping up
> (since it was now my own).
> The error message was, word for word: Assertion failed!
> Program: C:\Program Files\Freeciv-2.1.6-gtk2\civclient.exe
> File: city.c Line: 553
> Expression: NULL != pcity && NULL != pcity->owner
> For information on how your program can cause an assertion
> failure, see the Visual C++ documentation on asserts
> I was using Windows.
> On a side note, is this game seriously written in Visual
> C++? I would never expect a Microsoft error message to
> be so detailed! (usually it's no better than "Sorry,
> the application has an error, so we have to close it!")

I tried to reproduce this bug in S2_2 by creating an enemy
city and transport+marine under my player in the editor,
then enabling "popup city dialog for new cities" and capturing
the city (after some turns). The assertion was not triggered
fortunately, so either I have used the wrong steps or this
bug is only present in the 2.1 version used by the reporter.


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