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> [chrisk - Fri Oct 17 10:06:57 2008]:
> In the attempt to correct the borders wrong set as shown in
> http://bugs.freeciv.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=40526
> I switched to edit mode and set the terrain ownership,
> in a reasonable way, as I think they should be.
> After that I called "recalculate borders" which made civserver crash.
> In another attempt, I didn't call "recalculate borders", and ended
> edit mode. It crashed then at turn done.

This is a known problem and I have left a FIXME (for myself :\) to
that effect in handle_edit_territory. Right now all that function
does is change the ownership of the tile to the given player via
tile_set_owner. The problem is that the border system seems to rely
on some extra data structures and auxillary functions that are
entangled with vision sites and specific game rules. It is not clear
how the editor can just "make one tile part of this player's
territory" without producing some wierd inconsistencies in the
latter (like a tile that remains unfogged even when no cities or
units are nearby).

Well, maybe I just need to better understand the current border
system. I'll have a look as time permits.


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