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This was reported on the forums:

Server fails to autoarrange workers triggering the
assertion in the subject line. The program version
is 2.1.8, a fedora package.

Server log also has:
3: Warning: calloc with size 0 at line 576 of cm.c
3: Warning: calloc with size 0 at line 577 of cm.c

which indicates that ntypes=0 is passed to the function
init_partial_solution(). I assume this was never expected
by the author of that function, so the server must
have gotten into an inconsistent state some time before
that point (missing city workers or wrong city size?).

I could just make the cm functions more robust (i.e.
better checking of arguments) and turn the assertion
in auto_arrange_workers() into an if-statement, but I
will investigate some more and hopefully find the real
cause of the bug. :(


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