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> [s1kevin - Mon Dec 29 07:06:22 2008]:
> This bug has been open since May of '06.  Is anyone taking
> my offer to assist moving from RT to Bugzilla seriously?
> If not, please close this issue.
> I believe this is the best way I can contribute now to
> the development of Freeciv - by providing what I feel
> is a far superior issue tracking system with much better
> search capabilities and more transparency to help encourage
> developer participation (even new developers).  If you use
> Eclipse as your development environment, it has support
> for task management (via Mylyn) directly in Bugzilla.
> I might be willing to assist in Freeciv code development,
> but at this point, I'd want to use an issue tracking
> system that supports me as both a user and a developer.
> From my perspective, RT is not designed for software
> development projects.  Bugzilla is.

Here is what needs to happen:
1. A host for the bug tracker must be found. This is
   either a machine someone can install/configure
   bugzilla on, or a service hosting bugzilla.
2. The current RT system needs to be frozen, all
   new requests redirected to the new tracker, and
   the public bug report address updated everywhere.
3. Current outstanding tickets and history should be
   moved to the new tracker.

The problem has always been 1, since a dedicated
machine (e.g. in a data center) costs money, or a
free service is restricted (e.g. in allowed space)
or missing some key functionality.

Assuming a solution to the above exists, 2 is hard
because the only people (person?) with the required
access to the RT machine is not an active developer
and/or checks freeciv-dev only infrequently (besides
probably not having the time to make the changes in
RT, if that is even possible).

3 is not crucial; I assume there are less than 100
important open tickets, which can be moved by hand
as they are handled, and the RT system could be kept
in "read-only" mode to make the history available
(in the minimum-effort scenario).

If as you said using bugzilla would help encourage
developer contributions from the community then I am
strongly for it. This project is in great need of help
from competent coders to handle bug reports, assist
less experienced programmers with their ideas, and fix
the design mistakes that have broken past working
features (e.g. borders) and are causing new development
to stagnate.


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