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> [matthias.pfaffer...@mapfa.de - Wed Dec 31 18:03:52 2008]:
> I get the following error; could it be related to the migration code
> (remove_city() in make_city_migration())? I have not found a pattern
> to narrow it down if it is the patch or the develop version of
> freeciv.
> civserver: maphand.c:1564: map_claim_ownership: Assertion `((void *)0)
> == playtile->site' failed.
> I suspect that after a city is remove something is messed up within
> the server; but remove_city() is also used in similar kind in other
> functions.

Don't worry about that assertion too much; it is due to a
known problem in the border code (40589). Sooner or later I
will get to hunting it down. ;(


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