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Civilization 2 has an option that lets you make costom nations. for example:
Leader: Here you write the leader
Tribe: Here you write the nation's name
Adjective: Here you write the adjective of the nation's name.
There is also a button that lets you customize nation titles. For example i 
Anarchy: Anarchist
Despotism: Despotist
Monarchy: Monarchist
I would like no i would love to see these two options on freeciv. It would 
make a lot more out of
the gaming experience.

Now about the Dutch spelling:
I noted while playing the game that there where much language glitches for 
example i used the diplomacy option with Hippo 3. They dont accept it: in 
the message box there was noted:
This deal is not very good for us
Verbreek eerst je alliantie met Hippo 15

The first line i think should be Dutch but is English.
And the second line is Dutch as it should be. (it means: First you need to 
break you alliance with Hippo 15)
Also the research window is called research and it should be: wetenschap.
Im noting this becouse im Dutch so im quite disappointed.

Hoping not to disturb you,
A freeciv loving civilization lover. 

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