Thank you, regarding the help system. I haven't thought about it, and
I'll look into it as soon as I can.
Regarding the Overpopulation of classes, you are right, my new default
ruleset that uses this change does have a lot of new classes ("Horse"
and "Fighter"), which gives us 4 different class for air units.

One different approach, that will hardly require any work, is to have
the bonus against specific units. It will require almost no effort to
do so, and maybe that should be better.

What I now think that will be the best, is to enable creating custom
tags. We'll have another section in the units.ruleset, where we can
define new tags. Each new tag will have bonuses and penalties and a
field for matching tags. So we can define, for example, a "TankBuster"
flag that matches against the "Tank" flag, or anything else, for that
I will look at how feasiable that is, I think it will much better.

On 1/2/09, Marko Lindqvist <> wrote:
>  The reason I have not written similar patch is that it would require
> too many unit classes to be practical. You didn't include ruleset
> changes to your patch, but if you do those properly you will notice
> how much duplicate entries you have to write (if you have classes
> "Horses", "Pikemen" and "Land", you need to include similar effects
> for all three classes in effects.ruleset).
>  It would be a bit better if you target unit types instead of unit
> classes, but then we have hardcoded limit of four types to have
> bonuses against. Hmm... Actually that limit might be quite bad for
> class based approach too - if number of classes explodes like "Land" +
> "Horses" + "Pikemen", you need three slots just for land moving units.
>  Anyway, these things need to be generalized (there's old ticket about
> this somewhere, possibly with additional info) so I would very much
> like to see somehow improved version of this patch.
> 2009/1/2 Yoav Luft:
>> B. The code on helpdata.c does not work, it always see NULL pointers,
>> altough everywhere else it doesn't happen.
>  Help is in client side while all the other code you touch is in
> server side. You need to change network protocol and to send this new
> information to client side as well.
>  - ML
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