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> 2009/1/7 Brandon J. Van Every:
>> I mean, come on, what's a real sonar buoy for...
>  Got better name for this thing?

You could call it "radar station," and turn blind eye to fact that
it's sitting in the water.  Anybody asks it's "naval" radar station.
;-)  I mean come on, if sonar doesn't work to detect things
underwater, then it is totally stupid.  Sonar is for water.  If you do
radar stations, put them on land also.

>  Gameplay wise I don't like the idea of basically removing submarines
> special power of being hard to detect.

It doesn't remove it, it makes it subject to defense spending.  Same
as Coastal Defense for naval bombardment.  Reality in WW II is Germans
had "happy time" in the Atlantic until sonar got much better.  Then
they suffered 85% casualties.  In modern day, USA waters (and maybe
international?) are thick with sonar listening stations.  Very
important for detecting subs that carry nukes.  Wouldn't want Russian
sub sailing up the Chesapeake Bay and unloading on D.C. would we.

Not sure if "stealth sub" is realistic idea or not.  "Stealth ship"
does exist in real life, and also appeared in a James Bond movie.

>  Lesser problem is that at this point it's impossible to define base
> that detects submarines. Changing that would be quite easy.

Call To Power II had both radar and sonar.  I don't remember it
ruining anything.

Brandon Van Every

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