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it seems that saving games really doesn't work on 2.1.9. The game can be
played without problems, but that's it. (I have always played only local

Using sysinternals process monitor to check what happens showed:

civserver tries to use expanded HOME path in utf-8 encoding

Please note that it's only the *server*, *client* handles this part just
fine (verified). Of course this does not happen when you are on on
system with English folder names and usernames without accents and such.
For reference, eg. here on Czech language version of Win the
"Application Data" folder is called "Data Aplikací".

I created the garbled path and symlinked (sysinternals junction - gotta
love these guys!) the final .freeciv folder to the "normal" one so that
using both paths ends in one folder. This works.

I'm on Windows XP SP3, using the precompiled version linked from main
page, downloaded on 5.5.2009

PS: sorry for "I" overload ;-)

Vladimír Slávik

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