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2009/4/13 Madeline Book <madeline.b...@gmail.com>:
>> [guest - Mon Apr 13 18:37:54 2009]:
>> I've created and tested a rollback patch, which removes
>> all update22* references/code and revert back resource
>> identifiers to the 2.1.x default.
>> - St├ęphane Messerli
> Also the terrain.ruleset files in the civ1 and civ2 ruleset
> directories need to be updated. I'll test it with recent
> and older savegames once these changes are made. Probably
> savegames already made in 2.1.99 will become incompatible,
> but that was to be expected. Hopefully this will be the
> only drawback.

 Do you want me to handle this patch, or are you going to do it soon?

 - ML

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