On 08/06/2009, Bernd Jendrissek <bernd.jendris...@gmail.com> wrote:
> While trying to add an agent, I've found this patch necessary.  This is
> against 2.1.9, as I have nothing closer to HEAD available.

Your patch looks alright, as far as I can tell and as far as I
know about the intended behaviour of calls_are_equal()
(should it care if the agent serving the calls is different?).

Well, except for "false" which should be "FALSE".

You should know that the "agents" framework suffers from
a number of design problems and has not been actively
maintained by anyone in a long time, the original author
no longer begin involved in freeciv development and nobody
else really interested in learning how it should work or how
to fix it and make use of it.

> BTW, does anyone maintain a (read-only) git mirror?  SVN just isn't an
> option for me.

I seem to be the only maintainer using git, and I would second
a notion to setup a git mirror. Maybe I will at repo.or.cz, if I feel
like it later. In the meantime I just use git-svn and I suggest you
do the same (I know it is kind of a pain to setup).

By the way, submit your patches to the new bug tracker:


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