Follow-up Comment #3, bug #13819 (project freeciv):

> ... lua scripting ...

> It could be that gaining a tech while within the code
> path of gaining another tech is the problem (e.g. when
> philosophy is researched).

Certainly so. Even without confirmed crashes I would have been quite sure
that giving tech in lua script in this situation causes problems.
I have to check out which kind of rewrite it would take to handle this
situation. If it turns out to risk new bugs in more conventional code paths,
I rather don't fix this in S2_1 but only say "don't do that in your lua
script". It's not like this would be the only such limitation in 2.1 (and
maybe even 2.2) scripting. I wouldn't call scripting "fully supported"
feature ATM.

> lua scripting interface is expanded
> in the future... 

I don't think we should expand from current fundamentally broken (what comes
to robustness) design, but some parts need to be redesigned. That's why I
have been talking about "advanced scripting" as 2.3 feature rather than 2.2.
It's not easy work of just adding stuff on top of current scripting
interface, and we want 2.2 out in reasonable timeframe.


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