Follow-up Comment #4, bug #13726 (project freeciv):

> I just noticed that this makes player list area so much
> wider that with default window width you have to use scroll
> bar to see 'team' column.
> As Madeline has lately worked with screen size issues,
> her opinion is especially important. At the moment I'm
> afraid we have to leave this feature out.

I tried this patch with trident and amplio, and in most
cases the extra flag column does not make a significant
increase to the total width of the treeview (there is
still much space left over for the team column).

Even when I pick Bosnia & Herzegovina and set my player
name to all M's, the treeview does not cause the main
window to expand: the scroll view just uses a horizontal
bar. While this makes some columns not visible, it still
allows users on small displays to reach the information,
which is what I tried to allow with my previous changes.

Since the main concern for small guis tends to be the
height of the window rather than the width (i.e. most
users complained that the window was too high; they
seemed to have lots of horizontal space to work with),
the extra column in the player list should be fine, so
I would endorse inclusion of this patch in S2_1 and

(Pepeto please fix your editor to insert 8 spaces
instead of a literal tab for 4 indentation levels,
as this mixing of tabs and spaces is a little annoying.
If you are adding a line that needs to be lined up to
lines that are already indented with a tab-space soup,
I guess we can make an exception though. ;\)

An idea that just occurs to me is to get rid of the
empty space around the "More Game Options" button by
putting it in the button bar with "Cancel", "Start"
and other buttons on the start page. Then put the
chat entry and the button bar in separate cells in
the vbox (i.e. on the bottom edge of the window
there is a horizontal "bar" of just buttons, and
above it the chat line entry taking the full width
of the window).



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