Follow-up Comment #5, bug #13726 (project freeciv):

> (Pepeto please fix your editor to insert 8 spaces
> instead of a literal tab for 4 indentation levels,
> as this mixing of tabs and spaces is a little annoying.
> If you are adding a line that needs to be lined up to
> lines that are already indented with a tab-space soup,
> I guess we can make an exception though. ;\) 

Hm, reading the coding style manual, it doesn't say to avoid the  usage of
tabs.  It is just written:
* the tab width is 8
* the indentation is 2 columns per level 

But if you confirm me it I would fix my editor and use 8 spaces instead.

(Book, why don't I receive your message on my e-mail account?)


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