On 01/07/2009, Matthias Pfafferodt <matthias.pfaffer...@mapfa.de> wrote:
> I did rename op_* to pset_* as it matches the purpose of the variable: a
> pointer to a setting struct

Do this for variable names whose type is 'struct setting *' or 'const
struct setting *' only, not function names.

>> > How many freeciv versions are out there? I knew of freeciv (the
>> > original), warclient and longturn.
>> Those are the 3 that are being "actively" developed. My
>> longterm goal is to merge them all into one project.
> ... and also a download of the longturn svn ...
> Do you can say something more about this plan?

More details would be here:

> I read that your first priority  is the editor for freeciv 2.2. What are
> the most important points to merge into freeciv?

They are listed on the page above, but really only users of
those programs would know this...

> Tips how to do it?

Ask people playing on warclient/longturn servers about what
warclient/longturn features they absolutely cannot live without,
then re-implement those features in 2.1 and trunk, usually by
copying and adapting (rewriting) code from their repositories.


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