Follow-up Comment #4, bug #13873 (project freeciv):

this could be done with an extra line in the
game.ruleset file

; define the game setting
borders = 2
; lock it (first player is _not_ allowed to change it)
borders.lock = 1

The <setting>.lock defaults to FALSE. If it is
true, the setting can't be changed. This requires
that the 'rulesetdir' command can't be executed by
the first player.

Does warclient/warserver has such an option?

First I have to solve the main problem. My ideas are:

* 'rulesetdir' command loads the ruleset + settings
  from the game.ruleset file

* The reset command has to restore all settings to the
  default values and load the settings from the
  game.ruleset file. An additional hint to changed
  settings could be added.

* executing 'rulesetdir' again does check if another
  ruleset is requested. If it is not the case, the
  current code will do nothing. This must be
  changed to a reset (= default settings + changes
  from the game.ruleset file). This way one will have
  a well defined state after executing the rulesetdir


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