Follow-up Comment #5, patch #1203 (project freeciv):

Please submit independent changes as separate tickets in the future. This
ticket has currently strange mixture of good things and things I'm against.

1) I plan to commit original "move illness into its own section" patch.
2) Sorting values in game.ruleset and adding default values to default
ruleset is good (as it is often used as ruleset format documentation). Adding
default values to civ1 & civ2 rulesets does not make similar sense and only
adds maintenance work if default values ever change.
3) I'm against secfile_lookup_int_default_min_max() that would directly
exit() the server. We should change ruleset loading failure to act nicely in
general and proposed secfile_lookup_int_default_min_max() goes to opposite
direction. It's even worse than rest of the current ruleset loading code in
that it doesn't send failure messages to client that spawned the server.
4) I have not checked it closely but from what you say it seems like removal


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