Follow-up Comment #6, patch #1203 (project freeciv):

> 1) I plan to commit original "move illness into its own section" patch. 

I will attach a diff against the current trunk to this ticket

> 2) Sorting values in game.ruleset and adding default values to default
ruleset is good (as it is often used as ruleset format documentation). Adding
default values to civ1 & civ2 rulesets does not make similar sense and only
adds maintenance work if default values ever change. 

I have created an updated patch which only sorts the game.ruleset files but
does not change their content. I did test it using

less game.ruleset | grep -v "^;" | sort -bfu > game.ruleset-content

for both versions and compared the files.

> 3) I'm against secfile_lookup_int_default_min_max() that would directly
exit() the server. We should change ruleset loading failure to act nicely in
general and proposed secfile_lookup_int_default_min_max() goes to opposite
direction. It's even worse than rest of the current ruleset loading code in
that it doesn't send failure messages to client that spawned the server. 

I created a changed version which uses the min/max value if the ruleset
setting is out of range. It is reported as LOG_ERROR.

How do you propose the functions in registry.c should be changed? Add an
extra argument 'char *err_msg' to _each_ of these functions which is NULL if
there is no error, else it contains the error message?

> 4) I have not checked it closely but from what you say it seems like
removal of GAME_DEFAULT_SLOW_INVASIONS makes sense.

I will send a bug ticket, which only includes this change.

(file #6472)

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