Follow-up Comment #2, bug #14237 (project freeciv):

> It seems that you are not sending error message of any kind when
> setting of the cmdlevel fails for some connection. Users will
> assume that everything went ok which can potentially lead to
> nasty surprises.
> In general you seem to reduce output provided by /cmdlevel

Actually, it sended 2 error messages when it failed: the first in
set_cmdlevel() (like "Cannot decrease command access level '***' for
connection '***'; you only have '***'."), that I preserved because it
contained the reason of the failure, and a second in cmdlevel_command() which
just said "Command access level could not be set to '***' for connection ***."
that I removed because it didn't bring anything more.  It is the only message
I removed

The other message you are telling about is not removed, it is just moved to
set_cmdlevel() that now print a success message.

> You seem to remove listing of firstlevel and default level
> when list of commandlevels is requested with "/cmdlevel".
> Why? Is there some better way for user to get that
> information?

This is my mistake.  I copied some part of warclient, where the first access
level is removed for a long time and the new connections default level is
done by an other way...  I will fix that in a next patch.


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