Follow-up Comment #2, patch #1292 (project freeciv):

> Notify message contains word "his" where one cannot know if
> "his" or "her" should be used. To avoid this I would remove
> special case (different message) when own vote is cancelled and
> always use "Server: %s cancelled the vote \"%s\".

That's right, but so few girls play Freeciv on warserver, so I forgot them. 
(Yes, actually, although most people here think that Book she, it is wrong. 
This magic "Madeline" is "made-line" joke of words).

> Hmm.. that reminds me how translators wanted to get rid of start
> "Game:" in the beginning of all the separate messages (need to
> translate it separately every time). They would probably
> appreciate if these server messages were written as [ ("%s %s
> cancelled the vote \"%s\"), ("Server:"), ... ]

I took care of this comment.  Maybe all the others messages of the server
must be reviewed...  I could do this work if requested.

(file #6730)

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