Follow-up Comment #3, patch #1291 (project freeciv):

> Win32 client does not compile. I looked it a bit and it seems
> that quite a lot of work would be required just in order to make
> it compile, and even more for it to actually work.

Now it should, thanks to your help.

> As I want to keep win32 client around in 2.2 cycle, I propose
> that we apply this patch to TRUNK only and drop win32 client
> support there (of course, anybody is free to start maintaining
> it).

I totally agree anyway in dropping the win32 or the ftwl client from trunk/.

> Bad news is that then bugs fixed by this patch series would not
> be fixed yet in 2.2. Or can we have fixes to those without this
> particular patch?

Now it should.

> (At some point I imagined those to be fixable even in S2_1 as
> earlier patch of the series had also S2_1 version)

S2_1 is quite problematic.  The global worklists are still stored in the
player structure.  It would require a lot of efforts for not a big

(file #6758)

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