Follow-up Comment #3, bug #14350 (project freeciv):

The feature does not exist quite as requested.  Yes, you can use shift-I to
be able to make a path of irrigation, but it's not possible to pick any

For instance, assume that you have four squares next to each other so that
they form a larger square:


Starting from point A, you could make a path of ABD or ACD, but it is not
possible with shift-I to indicate that you would like to go ABDC, for

This is just a simple example; it comes up more when there are two possible
routes of reaching a more distant square but the default route shift-I gives
you goes over squares you don't want to irrigate (and there exists a
different route which goes over squares you do want to cover).

I wasn't aware of the extra G option that jtn mentioned, however, so I guess
this request only applies to worker commands such as irrigation, mines, and


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