Follow-up Comment #6, bug #14515 (project freeciv):

Sorry to comment on a closed bug, but there are a couple of loose ends on
this subject:

Firstly, the docs for S2_1 need the same fix as S2_2/trunk (but the behaviour
is fine). I've attached a patch for that.

Secondly, the same priority problem affects the civ2 ruleset on S2_2/trunk,
which I can easily write a patch for, except:

In the civ2 ruleset (unlike the default ruleset), the pollution effects of
Hydro/Hoover/Nuclear really are always reduce-to-50%, regardless of whether
you have a Factory, Mfg. Plant, neither, or both.
However, the Solar Plant behaves the same in civ2 and default ruleset (i.e.
no bonus with neither of Factory/Mfg. Plant, 50% with only one, 100% with
Is that correct? (I don't know the real civ2 rules.) If so, my trunk/civ2
patch will need to fix the Solar help as well; if not, it'll have to fix the
behaviour. So, I haven't written the patch yet.

(I'm assuming the priority behaviour in the civ2 ruleset isn't a deliberate
"bug-compatibility" decision.)

(For completeness: the civ1 ruleset is affected by none of this, as it
doesn't have a Solar Plant.)

(file #7124)

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