Michael Kaufman <kauf...@physics.wisc.edu> writes:

> interesting idea, and easily doable. In fact a nice little project for
> someone wanting to get their feet wet.
> Add a timing struct for each AI. Each turn for each AI, calculate the time
> it takes for various major actions (city management, unit management) and
> store that time. Use number of cities and units and time previous turn took
> as a predictor. Add all AI times together for interturn prediction. I imagine 
> that the prediction would be pretty good.
> M
>> What I ment was not the timeout of a turn (which gets counted down) but the
>> time the server needs between turns. I.e. the time from pressing turn-done
>> till one can move again. In large games I have seen it take from 1 to 20
>> minutes.

Might be overkill to even split this up. Plainly measure the time each
turn takes and average the last 10 turns.


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