Follow-up Comment #2, patch #1350 (project freeciv):

All of these nations are unique AFAICT. Thanks for sharing. :)

There are some things that need more work though if you'd like to see these
included in mainline Freeciv.

First of all, flags must be distributed in SVG format. I see that you've
drawn very nice original bitmap flags and shields, but unfortunately this is
not sufficient since custom tilesets will require variously sized flags to
fit the tileset size. With SVG flags we are able to generate flagsets on the

For more details, please see

If you're not up to plotting the (sometimes very complex) flags from scratch,
Wikimedia Commons offers tons of Free flag images in SVG format. Just make
sure the license is either GPLv2 or Public Domain.

I will review the rulesets next and get back to you.


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