Follow-up Comment #6, patch #1350 (project freeciv):

Alright, now I've reviewed the ruleset files. Comments follow below. A *
indicates a change I've made, while a + indicates additional improvements
needed before the nation can be accepted into mainline Freeciv.


+Requires at least three more leaders
*Can only have one city style - chose European
*Translated strings cannot have non-ascii letters - fixed one ruler title and
added a trans comment
*Changed one conflicting nation from Tatar to Soviet, which makes more sense
in the context of the game


+It would be preferable if all names would be transcribed from Chechen
language. Grozny for example is 'Гро́зный' in Russian and
'Соьлж-ГIала' in Chechen, while Dzhokhar Dudayev's full name in
Russian is 'Джохар Мусаевич Дудаев' and 'Дудин
Муса кант Жовхар' in Chechen. So there seems to be a
significant difference.
*Spelling of Chechnia -> Chechnya
*Removed leader Ramzan Kadyrov since he's still alive
*Changed city style Tropical -> European - the former is used mainly for
nations from tropical regions ;)


*Added to European and Asian groups
*Removed the part in the legend about being solely decedent from the Mongols:
I believe their history is more complicated that this. ;)
*Removed Mintimer Shaimiev since he's still alive.
*Removed conflicts with the Poles and the Mongols: don't see why this is


+The city names should preferably be transcribed from Bashkir language. The
three top cities for example would be Öfö, Sterletamaq, Salauat (based on
data from Wikipedia and transcription guidelines from )
*Changed leader Sultan Murat -> Murat (since 'Sultan' is a title defined
further down.)
*Removed conflicting nations Mongol and Tatar, added Soviet


+Both Vladislav and Sergey are living persons - need to find historical
replacements. ;)
+Cities should be transcribed from Abkhaz language - the capital of Sukhumi
is apparently known as 'Аҟəа' or 'Aqwa' in their native language.
*Removed conflicting nation 'Turk' - the Abkhazians are not part of modern


+Lyudvig, Taymuraz, and Eduard are all living people - historical
replacements needed.
+Ossetic city names preferred: the capital of Vladikavkaz f.e. is known as
Dzæudjyqæu (Cyrillic: Дзæуджыхъæу) in Ossetic according to
*Changed city style from Tropical to European.
*Removed conflicting nation 'Turk' - not part of modern Turkey.

Finally, all legends needed newlines (to appear correctly in the translation
files) which have been added in attached version.

(file #7593)

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