Follow-up Comment #22, bug #13498 (project freeciv):

You're welcome.

Here is more info:

(gdb) p messages[0]      # zero is the index from the backtrace
$17 = {
  descr = 0xa9b76e8 "Caracas is finished building Settlers.", ' ' <repeats 12
times>, tile = 0xb6cbde64, event = E_UNIT_BUILT, location_ok = true, 
  city_ok = true, visited = false}

Caracas was an enemy city of size 3 with City Walls in previous turn
(according to autosave). According to these facts and what I can remember I
think I can reconstruct my actions quite well.

In the previous turn I conquered the city. It was equipped with city walls so
although there was a lot of enemy units, the size dropped only to 2 when I
entered the city.

The city is located on very unpleasant place for me so I decided to disband
it: immediately after the conquer (still the same turn) I chose production of
settlers and bought them and checked the "Disband if build settlers on size
1". In the city itself and around it there were plenty of my military units.

There was yet another close city (size 1) to be disbanded. The other city
dissolved into settlers during turn over.

Then in new turn I only clicked on the message informing me the settlers are
finished in Caracas (I wanted disband the settlers them and buy new ones to
disband the city).


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