Follow-up Comment #3, bug #15024 (project freeciv):

Yes, your fix (file #7562) works for me. I applied the patch to 2.2.0-beta1.
Thank you! Now I can play local game instead of needing a public server.

PowerPC likes to pass the first eight function arguments (excepting
floating-point) through the general purpose registers %r3 through %r10. Two
const char * arguments might look like _foreground_ in %r7 and _background_
in %r8. A struct counts as one argument, with a pointer to the struct in the
register; a struct ft_color might look like a pointer in %r7, with
_foreground_ in 0(%r7) and _background_ in 4(%r7).

Your fix also changed some comments, but forgot to fix the comment at line
370 above the text_tag_initv() function in featured_text.c.

Now I can play and enjoy the freeciv beta, and hopefully not find any other


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