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Hello. Many of these comments apply to version 2.1 as well as 2.2. I've
played only portions of games thus far.

Is there something somewhere that explains, in plain English, what the
differences are between the versions? Something more thorough than the
bulleted lists on the news page but not nearly so convoluted as the changelog
page? For example, I discovered the hard way the new happiness rule for
Republic governments. Didn't see this listed.

What is the Cheating AI difficulty level about? The biggest drawback of the
game has been the cheating, the way the AI knows the map without exploring
and magically knows where all of the human player's cities and units are. The
cheating destroys the credibility of the game. Give the AI a nice handicap
(fewer bulbs to research techs, fewer shields to construct items, less food
to grow), but the cheating has to go. Has it been eliminated? I haven't been
able to tell yet.

To gauge time, use the correct and religiously neutral abbreviations BCE and
CE, rather than the old, incorrect and religiously biased BC and AD.

When the cursor appears on a unit or city, it becomes a spinning globe. I
find this annoying and prefer the simple arrow, as it is everywhere else.

If Barbarians (or Pirates) don't appear until a certain turn, it's logical
that they not be the result of minor tribes until that turn as well. Maybe
I'm being a crybaby, but the Explorer is extremely valuable in the early
going. Losing him is quite a jolt. Rotten luck, and I usually just start the
game over!

Huts again. I think the game would be better if huts never resulted in
"friendly" cities. They're rarely friendly. They're almost never where you
want them, so I disband them to settlers. And if an AI explorer stumbles upon
a city in my territory, it's a major pain. There are even occasions later on
when I have a Republic government, have carefully laid out 13 cities and my
explorer finds another minor tribe. The last thing I want is a 14th city,
leaving me one over the happiness limit.

"Suggest throttling growth" is a nice feature that comes in handy on
occasion, but still is imperfect. It still kicks in when the city is en route
to build the granary on the very turn that it will grow. In these cases the
city gets the granary's benefit, so the warning is unnecessary.

After a while, the game seems to lose track of the order in which cities were
built. Version 2.1 knew the order and processed cities in this order (or
reverse). 2.2 does for a while, but later loses track. Or maybe it has other
ideas I'm missing.

When saving, closing, then resuming, I notice the same phenomenon that
plagued 2.1. The AI would, upon resumption, stop building Wonders in
progress. It did this every time without fail. It did it again here, although
in the one case I tested, they restarted immediately, so didn't seem to lose

The unit report is inaccurate. It omits the free units acquired at the
beginning of the game (Explorer, two Workers) and all "free" (not owned by
any city) units subsequently picked up by the Explorer via minor tribes.

All for now. Thanks for your efforts.



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