Follow-up Comment #1, bug #15059 (project freeciv):

> Is there something somewhere that explains, in plain English,
> what the differences are between the versions? Something more
> thorough than the bulleted lists on the news page but not nearly
> so convoluted as the changelog page? For example, I discovered
> the hard way the new happiness rule for Republic governments.
> Didn't see this listed.

What new rule are you talking about?

> What is the Cheating AI difficulty level about? The biggest
> drawback of the game has been the cheating, the way the AI
> knows the map without exploring and magically knows where all
> of the human player's cities and units are. The cheating
> destroys the credibility of the game. Give the AI a nice
> handicap (fewer bulbs to research techs, fewer shields to
> construct items, less food to grow), but the cheating has to
> go. Has it been eliminated? I haven't been able to tell yet.

The AI already has different types of handicap that you are requesting.  The
unknown map is one of them.  I think it should stay, because some players
like to play with it.  I guess the only thing that could be done is to have
editable handicap in addition of the current predefines AI levels.  I created
an wish item for this (bug#15089).

> To gauge time, use the correct and religiously neutral
> abbreviations BCE and CE, rather than the old, incorrect and
> religiously biased BC and AD.

I agree.  See bug#15090.

> The unit report is inaccurate. It omits the free units
> acquired at the beginning of the game (Explorer, two Workers)
> and all "free" (not owned by any city) units subsequently
> picked up by the Explorer via minor tribes.

Confirmed.  See bug#15091.


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