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Follow-up Comment #1:

Some comments:

Do we really have to explicit about the country being extremely poor in the
legend? ;) Now seriously, I think the legend should focus on historical facts
- something that the first few sentences are doing a good job at. Could we
just drop the last sentence?

Noticed that city names are in Creole - nice. It'd be nice if leader names
were in Creole too. Wikipedia gives some hints:

Toussaint L'Ouverture - Tousen Louvèti
Henri Christophe - Anri Kristòf
Alexandre Pétion - Aleksann Petyon

Some more leader comments:

François 'Papa Doc' Duvalier - very long name, might be cumbersome in-game.
Could we drop either 'François' or 'Papa Doc'?

Simone Duvalier Ovide - how about "Simone Duvalier" only? Google didn't
return any hits for "Simone Duvalier Ovide".

Jean-Bertrand Aristide - still alive. Is he notable enough to warrant
breaking the rules? Don't we want to use his slot for another female leader?


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