Follow-up Comment #6, bug #15266 (project freeciv):

> But I think, IIRC, some parts of the code still assume borders
> are enabled. SO I think a such crash is possible also in S2_1.
> I want to check this before fixing this item.

You are right. I checked S2_1 and the following code is used:

void tile_set_owner(struct tile *ptile, struct player *owner)
  if (0 < {
    ptile->owner = owner;

So for game info.borders == 0, the tile owner is not set. I have check both
versions, S2_1 and S_2_2 / trunk, again and will attach the updated patches.
Both compile but I did not test all possible cases ...

(file #7904, file #7905)

Additional Item Attachment:

File name: S2_1-fix-assert-for-tile_owner-if-borders-0-S2_1.patch Size:4 KB
File name: S2_2-trunk-fix-assert-for-tile_owner-if-borders-0.patch Size:5 KB


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