Follow-up Comment #3, bug #15305 (project freeciv):

> I guess it wasn't a very good patch.

I would not say that. It is good to know that here a call to free() is

> The original code was written by jdorje and glip back in 2004.
> Hopefully they can tell us what is the right thing to do.

I found an older reference in the changelog:

> Tue Jun 15 11:46:47 1999  David Pfitzner <>:
> * client/packhand.c, common/map.c, common/map.h,
> server/mapgen.c, server/mapgen.h, server/maphand.c: Renamed
> init_workmap() in mapgen.c to map_allocate(), and moved to
> map.c.  Replaced duplicated code in
> packhand.c/handle_map_info() with call to map_allocate().  In
> map_allocate(), use realloc instead of malloc, for client. 
> (Previously there was a memory leak here in client when
> reconnecting multiple times to a running game).

So realloc() was used to prevent a memory leak in the client. If you want to
go on with your patch, you need to ensure that the allocation of these
variables are matched with a call to free().


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