Follow-up Comment #7, bug #15305 (project freeciv):

The server code is OK.

* The server calls server_game_free right before server_game_init in
server/stdinhand.c:load_command().  This frees any old game data which may
exist before loading a new game.  Note that all code paths which load saved
games (from the GGZ server, from argv options, and typing "load" at the
server prompt) go through load_command().

* The server calls server_game_free in server_quit, which is the way the
server exits.  Therefore game data is cleaned up before process exit.

* The server calls server_game_free at the bottom of the main game loop in
srv_main.  Therefore game data is cleared before you start a new game in the
same process.

* server_game_free calls game_free, which does map_free

Pepeto, what am I missing?


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