Follow-up Comment #1, bug #15132 (project freeciv):

I think this could probably be done in the framework of the existing help
system, although it requires client-specific work.

One piece of information that's actually missing from the terrain help (at
least in the Gtk client) is what effect terrain specials actually have. This
usually isn't a problem, as if you're interested you can usually see an
example and click on it, but it should be fixed anyway. Could do that as part
of this bug, or raise a new bug.

I could have a look at this for the Gtk client (which I think is the
supported Windows client too). I'm not set up to work on the Win32 client,
and the Xaw client is in a bad state. (The SDL client has no help anyway.) I
don't know when I'd be able to look at this, though.


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