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Follow-up Comment #3:

I've had a go at this. After several false starts, I don't think I need to
use qualified strings after all.

The English forms for "M tons" and "M goods" are invariant, as "M tons" means
"million tons", so "1 M tons" is still plural. I presume this needs hooking
into the plural system for languages where zero versus nonzero is different
(at least).

I've updated the instances of these strings used in the demographics report
(server/report.c); however, I've done nothing (except add TRANS comments) to
the places they appear in the Gtk client endgame report
(client/gui-gtk-2.0/repodlgs.c), because they're column headings and so not
tied to a specific number.

Before I commit this, can you check that this lets you do what you need to?
It seemed to produce sensible output when I ran "make update-po", but I
haven't found documentation that passing two identical arguments to
PL_()/ngettext() definitely does the right thing.

This is going to create some fuzzies, but update-po seemed to do the right
thing so as to not make existing translations worse.

(file #8308)

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