Follow-up Comment #5, patch #1500 (project freeciv):

> Are you sure about SSET_META? I would have saide SSET_FLEXIBLE. 

I'm not sure about this setting and did keep it from the original patch. As
SSET_META is used for similar settings (timeout, ...) this seems to be a good
choice. A definition of the purpose of these settings is missing. We have
(from setting_is_changeable()):

SSET_MAP_SIZE: (only 'size' and 'topology')
SSET_MAP_GEN: (generator related settings)
 Only change map options if we don't yet have a map
SSET_MAP_ADD: (special map settings; scenarios?)
SSET_PLAYERS: ('minplayer', 'maxplayer', 'aifill')
SSET_GAME_INIT: (at the start of the game)
SSET_RULES: (fixed game settings))
 Only change start params and most rules if we don't yet have a map, or if we
do have a map but its a scenario one (ie, the game has never actually been
SSET_RULES_FLEXIBLE: (flexible game settings)
SSET_META: (network settings; not related to the game)
 These can always be changed.

>From the list above I see that there is a good argument for SSET_META - its
game related. I'm OK with both choices


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