Follow-up Comment #1, bug #15603 (project freeciv):

There's a tooltip API in Gtk+, GtkTooltip
<>, which has some
integration with GtkTreeView
<> and would be
fairly easy to implement that with.

However, GtkTooltip is only available from Gtk+ 2.12 (released 2007).
Currently, Freeciv claims to only require Gtk+ 2.4.0 (released 2004), in
configure and INSTALL. This might not be a sufficiently desirable feature on
its own to force a dependency to 2.12. (What version of Gtk is used for the
Windows builds?)

There is another tooltip API in 2.4.0, GtkTooltips
<>, but it's
deprecated and I suspect can't be used to implement this anyway.

However, I've no idea whether Freeciv really can still build against 2.4.0 as
claimed; it wouldn't surprise me if we've quietly started using newer features
and no-one's noticed.


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