Follow-up Comment #3, bug #15595 (project freeciv):

I agree the current categories don't match the kind of bugs that are being

However, categories are only useful if you actually want to mechanically
process the items -- filter by category, or generate stats, or what have

I think the client-XXX categories are useful as different clients are
maintained by different people (beyond the core set). Similarly,
art, rulesets. Beyond that I'm not entirely sure it's worth it, although I
don't feel strongly in this case as (unlike some other bug tracker
situations) adding new categories doesn't come with much cost.

A missing category is "nations" -- a large proportion of all patches are
nation patches, and one or a few people generally deal with all of them, so
it's worth being able to filter them out.

I support having a category for "translation" too (IMO: for updates to
po-files, as generally only a few people deal with these too).


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