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> Update of bug #15624 (project freeciv):
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>         Planned Release:                         => 2.2.1, 2.3.0
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Hi, It would be great if someone else who has looked/thought about our
scripting support before would comment on this (hence RFC: Request for
Comment). While not a remote hole, it is a big security issue IMO,
since Freeciv 2.1.

Also if one wants to plug this kind of hole, sadly only a solution
without holes is going to work. I will gladly be responsible for the
solution but it makes it easier if someone else could comment on it. I
know that we have no one of real Lua expertise and we can not feel
totally confortable with security solutions worked on by relative
amateurs (me). This can be a start also of course, I can try to follow
it up more closely. We can document our approach and maybe get
feedback from outside the project.

Also, if this goes in as is we can call it something like "Execute Lua
scripts in a sanitized environment" since sandboxing normally means
even larger measures when it comes to servers, for example restricting
the number of instructions to guard against infinite loops and that
kind of "DoS" attacks (This is something we should be able to defend
against as well, but it is not nearly as important).

Thanks for any comments.

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