On Sat, Mar 20, 2010 at 3:18 PM, Jacob Nevins
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> I assume "gavin" was Winston Churchill.

Sorry, you are right, I think the savegame was from after I /took
Winston Churchill.  I was playing Aztecs (unpronounceable, unspellable

> Huh. I thought could reproduce this last night with latest S2_2 svn (r17122),
> but now I can't reproduce it with either that same version or the 2.2.0
> release. Can you reproduce it after loading the savegame?

Drat, I didn't think to reproduce from the savegame.  I did that now
and was able to meet Ardashir.

> If I load the game in freeciv-gtk2, "/take Winston", start, go to the Nations
> report, select Ardashir I (Persian), then I can pull down Diplomacy, select
> Meet, and get a "Diplomacy: Persians" dialog. (But last night I'm sure "Meet"
> was grayed out. Perhaps I just tripped over bug #15505, it was late.)
> In this savegame, the Messages tab contains '*Ardashir I (AI)* We grow weary
> of this constant bloodshed. May we suggest a cessation of hostilities?' (from
> the event cache, for this turn). This suggests that at the point the game was
> saved there may have been a "Diplomacy: Persians" dialog. That makes me
> wonder about bug #15439 (fixed since 2.2.0), but I don't think open treaty
> windows are preserved across save/load.

Hmm, #15439 looks a bit like what Gavin was experiencing (he's just
ignoring us, so I'm speaking for him).  His client was crashing every
time he founded a city, but that was with binaries copied from my
desktop.  About which I'm somewhat surprised too.

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